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hevn extensions.

we offer machine sewn wefts, genius wefts, butterfly wefts, halos and toppers. Your extension specialist will explain these options and help you to decide the best method for you.


we are now proudly and confidently able to offer our clients a safe alternative in hair extensions, and are able to guarantee the health of their natural hair.

safe &






butterfly weft.

the process begins with a complimentary consultation. at that time, we will explain the installation method, the upkeep, the investment and determine your desired length. we will then take a deposit on the service, schedule your appointment, and begin the process of customizing your HEVN wefts.

every set of HEVN extensions is custom colored for the individual client. we do not match you to a color ring and hope for the best. customized highlights, lowlights, shadow rooting and color melting are included in our pricing and guarantee the most natural look possible. we offer a variety of wefts including single hand tied wefts, genius wefts, machine tied wefts, butterfly no sew volume wefts, halos and toppers in order to have the ability to completely customize for the exact look you want.

we are constantly evolving and creating in order to offer natural looking solutions to our clients, including those suffering with thinning hair or hair loss. three of our newest creations include invisible no sew volume wefts, halo removable wefts, and customized human hair toppers. 

our invisible volume wefts are just that ... they are invisible in your hair due to the fact that the beads are hidden within the weft itself, they are applied with beads only (no sewing) and they add tremendous volume.

our halo extensions are an easy option for those who want to be able to remove their extensions daily. like all of our hevn extension products, your halo will be custom colored just for you, and cut to blend seamlessly within your own hair. hevn halos are 100% human hair, double the thickness as most others on the market, and our band is 3" wider, allowing the weft to come closer to your face on both sides, giving a much more natural appearance.

finally, we have created the industries most perfect 100% human hair toppers. hevn toppers are made of individually hand tied hairs in a 6" x 6" silk base, giving the most natural look possible. they are of course custom colored just for you and then fully customized with the cut to blend and part line detail.

HEVN extensions topper






the prices listed are based on an average number of wefts needed for each separate length. prices may vary up or down due to your specific hair density.


$510 +

not everyone wants or needs super long hair. 14" HEVN extensions will fall approximately 4" below your shoulders. this is a perfect length if you're simply looking for added volume or to even out thinning or broken hair, especially around the face.


$860 +

this is our most popular length. 18" HEVN extensions will fall to your lower mid back. they're gorgeously long, yet still very easy to care for.


$1030 + 

22" HEVN extensions will fall approximately to your waist. this length is dramatic and amazing and our very favorite to install!


$495 +

HEVN halos are available in 14", 18" and 22". 



toppers are available in one length to give your stylist the ability to blend the ends into your existing hair.




$175 - $225
required every 6-8 weeks.

as your own hair grows, your extensions will loosen and need to be tightened. at each tightening appointment, your extensions will be completely removed and reinstalled. this is to be certain that every 6 weeks, we are attaching the wefts to new hair in order to avoid damage. because we are very focused on the health and integrity of your natural hair, we do not offer nor recommend the "mini" tightening service where the wefts are simply "scooted" back up.

home care.

HEVN extensions are very easy to care for. your HEVN extension specialist will thoroughly explain the do's and don'ts, recommend hair care products specific to your needs, and send you home with a care sheet.

ready to

schedule your free




are you a stylist who would like to offer HEVN extensions in your salon? We offer hands on certification classes as well as a full online course. 

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